Unable to enforce a user's concurrent connection limit when logging in with iManager

  • 7018255
  • 08-Nov-2016
  • 08-Nov-2016


NetIQ iManager 2.7.7
NetIQ iManager 3.0


Concurrent connection limits have been set on the users in the tree.  This works fine when using the Novell client but the restriction is not enforced if the user logs in with iManager and a browser.


There are a number of user restrictions that are enforced by utilities with the exception of the following:
1. Maximum number of concurrent connections in login restrictions.
2. Network address restrictions.

iManager is primarily an administrators tool.  iManager's connection table is maintained by the Tomcat service.  Tomcat also maintains its own credential cache.  Further, various protocols may be used to access objects in the tree depending on whether eDirectory resides on the same box as iManager and which plugin is used: dclient, NCP, LDAP, etc.

Enforcement of concurrent connections is only applicable to the NCP protocol as with Novell's client.