"iprint Lib error:0xB00001" error clicking drivers tab

  • 7018250
  • 07-Nov-2016
  • 11-Nov-2016


Micro Focus iPrint Appliance


iprint Lib error:0xB00001 is returned in the following scenario:
  1. Create a user using iManager
  2. Assign that user to the Manager Role to the Print Manager
    • iManager -> iPrint -> Manage Print Manager -> Access Control -> Add -> Browse to the newly created user -> Click OK -> Click OK
  3. Log into iManager with that user
  4. Go to iPrint -> Manage Printer -> Drivers
    • The Lib error will be returned


In addition to adding the user to the Print Manager's Manager Role, add the user as Supervisor trustee to the printer container:
  1. Go to iManager -> Modify Trustees
    • Select the container which the printer objects reside
  2. Click Add Trustee
    • Browse to the newly created user
  3. Click "Assigned Rights" next to the newly created user
  4. Check the Supervisor box for both "All Attribute Rights" and "Entry Rights"
    • Click Done
    • Click OK