"The eDirectory installation has terminated abnormally" when installing eDirectory on Windows server

  • 7018229
  • 02-Nov-2016
  • 02-Nov-2016


NetIQ eDirectory 8.8.8
Microsoft Windows 2012 R2


Unable to install eDirectory on Windows server, installation terminates or fails with the following error message:
A fatal error has occurred. This program will terminate. You may check C:\Program Files\Common Files\Novell\ni\data\ni.log for more details after you dismiss this dialog.
The eDirectory installation has terminated abnormally.


Check for any Login Restrictions that may have been placed on the administrator/user (i.e. concurrent logins). For more details, please refer to Setting Up Extra Login Security for a User (iManager > Modify User > Restrictions > Login Restrictions).


Concurrent Logins restriction placed on user prevents login during installation.