SSPR Error 5027 when attempting to access Configuration Manager via Internet Explorer

  • 7018221
  • 01-Nov-2016
  • 02-Dec-2019


Self Service Password Reset 4.x
Internet Explorer 11


After upgrading/installing Self Service Password Reset 4.x, login to the SSPR Portal is successful, but attempting to access Configuration Manager or Configuration Editor throws the following error:
SSPR 5027 You do not have permission to perform the requested action.

The logs state a little more information on this error:
2016-11-01T15:54:00Z, ERROR, http.PwmResponse, {21,uaadmin} 5027 ERROR_UNAUTHORIZED (Internet Explorer version is not supported for this function.  Please use Internet Explorer 11 or higher or another web browser.) []


Disable Compatibility View in Internet Explorer for the domain that hosts your SSPR webapp.

Alternatively - Use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome instead.


This error only occurs in Internet Explorer. It also happens on version 11, despite the incompatible version error.

This issue occurs if the Internet Explorer settings are set to Compatibility View. To provide a full example of the scenario, consider the following:

In an example domain of There is one webapp that is which requires compatibility view turned on in Internet Explorer to function correctly. There is also another webapp under the same domain. Internet Explorer only enables it for the domain, and ignores subdomains. So the setting in Internet Explorer would see only, and those Compatibility Settings would apply to both and

SSPR 4 requires IE 11, and enabling Compatibility View essentially makes the website use antiquated IE 8 (or older) settings. Because of this, SSPR cannot properly function.