Extracting Drivers from RPMS for the Linux Ram Disk (LRD)

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  • 31-Oct-2016
  • 29-Nov-2016


Any supported Linux RPM based distribution supported by PlateSpin Migrate.


When building the Linux RAM Disk for PlateSpin Migrate, the hardware vendor has provided an RPM package.  The driver modules (*.ko files) need to be extracted from the RPM for injection into the Linux RAM Disk.


The driver modules may be extracted using rpm2cpio and cpio commands on a Linux server.  The RPM is first converted into a CPIO file then extracted using cpio.

This can be done in a single command line entry:

rpm2cpio my_rpm | cpio -idmv

The module files are extracted in the working directory.

Additional Information

When the files are extracted, the installation path is duplicated in the current directory. Extract as many RPMs as need. Once they are extracted, you may use the find command below to locate the modules:

find ./ -type f -name "*.ko"