iPrint Appliance 2.1 fails to print after changing local renderer's driver

  • 7018197
  • 27-Oct-2016
  • 14-Dec-2016


Micro Focus iPrint Appliance 2.1


Print jobs submitted by devices and email fail to print after changing the local renderer driver configuration from the default printer driver to some other printer driver.  The problem continues even after changing the printer driver back to the original configuration.  The errors found in the /var/opt/novell/log/iprintmobile/iprintmobile0.log are:

<DATE+TIME> com.novell.service.iPrint.mobile.printer.utils.PrinterManagerHelper checkDriverAssociation
WARNING: Exception thrown while performing driver update for the Printer: <printername>
<DATE+TIME> com.novell.service.iPrint.mobile.printer.utils.PrinterManagerHelper checkDriverAssociation
<DATE+TIME> com.novell.service.iPrint.mobile.rsm.RSM run
WARNING: Received inactive renderer notification from the RSM. Renderer : d9316d45-5b9f-4fe8-9d33-a8b19ce59843, IP Address/Host name : <address>/<rendererName>
<DATE+TIME> com.novell.service.iPrint.mobile.converter.pdf.PDFConverter$PDFConversionRunnable run
WARNING: Conversion Failure
com.novell.service.iPrint.mobile.converter.exceptions.ConverterException: Failed to convert the document: /var/opt/novell/iprintmobile/jobs/11.0.EmailBody.html
        at com.novell.service.iPrint.mobile.converter.pdf.PDFConverter._convert(PDFConverter.java:405)
        at com.novell.service.iPrint.mobile.converter.pdf.PDFConverter.access$500(PDFConverter.java:43)
        at com.novell.service.iPrint.mobile.converter.pdf.PDFConverter$PDFConversionRunnable.run(PDFConverter.java:298)
        at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:798)


  1. Apply cod update:  iPrint Appliance 2.1 Hot Patch 3.
  2. Disable and re-enable printers for mobile printing
    • Go to the Management Console:
      • https://<ip or dns>:9443
    • Click the "Printers" section
    • Disable Mobile Printing for each printer
      • You can do this individually, or you can highlight the top printer, hold down the Shift key, highlight the bottom printer, click "Mobile", click "Disable"
    • Re-enable Mobile Printing for each printer
      • Similar to Disabling steps.