Kanaka and OSX Sierra

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  • 24-Oct-2016
  • 06-Dec-2016


Novell Kanaka for Mac using OSX Sierra on Mac workstation


Changes to OSX in Sierra (10.12) have affected the experience with Kanaka.  This is the behavior that we see with Kanaka and OSX Sierra:

  • Plug-in

Requests to the Kanaka engine work fine -- meaning that authentication and mobile account creation work as expected.  However,  the user's storage is not automatically mounted (on login) as it used to be.  Instead, when accessing the network home directory from the Dock, the user is prompted for credentials to authenticate again.   Each different server that a user accesses will require the additional authentication.  Additionally, if the Kanaka policy is set to have mount points on the desktop, no mount points will appear.

  • Desktop Client

Requests to the Kanaka engine work fine.  However, the mounting of storage presents the user with the same dialog for authentication as mentioned with the "Plug-in".  Each different server will require a the credentials to be re-entered.

  •  Installer
OSX Sierra adds further restrictions on apps, which require additional signing when installing apps.  If Kanaka is already installed when the OS is updated, it will work as indicated in this document.  New installs, however, will require the user to go to
  System Preferences
  -> Security and Privacy, and
    -> under the General tab
         the “Allow apps downloaded from” setting will have to be set to “anywhere” in order to install.

Once installed, this setting can be changed back (if desired).


Kanaka development is working with Apple to address these changes and make appropriate changes.