NetIQ Access Manager NIDP Server portal is available after installing a NAM Service Pack

  • 7018167
  • 18-Oct-2016
  • 18-Oct-2016


NetIQ Access Manager 4.2
NetIQ Access Manager 4.2.1
NetIQ Access Manager 4.2.2


  • users cannot access the NIDP server user portal at: "http(s):[NIDP Server Base URL]/portal" after applying a service pack


  • check if port 8088 is listening on the loopback interface:  "netstat -patune | grep :8088"
  • verify is if the following connector exists in the: "/opt/novell/nam/idp/conf/server.xml"
    <Connector NIDP_Name="localConnector"  URIEncoding="utf-8" acceptCount="100" address="" connectionTimeout="20000" maxThreads="600" minSpareThreads="5" port="8088" protocol="HTTP/1.1"/>

  • In case it does not exist add this connector and restart your NIDP server