iPrint Appliance Renderers page shows no renderers

  • 7018155
  • 14-Oct-2016
  • 14-Oct-2016


Micro Focus iPrint Appliance


The iPrint Appliance Management Console (https://<ip>:9443) will show all the configured renderers on the "Renderers" page.  At minimum, the local renderer should be listed as a configured renderer.  There is no way within the Management Console tool to remove or add the local renderer.

This TID addresses a condition where no renderers, including the local renderer, show within the list of the configured renderers.


There is a partially configured Windows renderer.  That problematic renderer is not listed within the page of configured renderers and is causing the local renderer to also not be listed.  The resolution to this problem is to manually remove the problematic remote (Windows) renderer by:

  1. Open a terminal session to the iPrint Appliance server (putty or the Console)
    • If you choose to use putty, be sure to enable ssh on the server.
      • https://<ip>:9443 -> System Services -> Highlight SSH -> Action -> Start
      • You may want to also choose Options -> Set as Automatic
    • Log in as root
  2. Type these commands within the terminal session:
    • mysql -uroot -proot iprint;
    • select renderer_id from renderers;
      • See what ID number shows under the column.
      • Identify which ID Number might be the problematic Renderer.
        • If you are not sure, guess.
    • Delete the problematic renderer.  Replace {renderer_id} with the number.
        • Syntax:
          • delete from renderers where renderer_id={renderer_id};
        • Example:
          • delete from renderers where renderer_id="1";
    • quit
  3. View the Renderers page. The local renderer should show up in the list of configured renderers.