Linux discovery failure with permission denied

  • 7018143
  • 12-Oct-2016
  • 11-Nov-2016


NetIQ PlateSpin Forge 3.x, 4.x, 11.x
NetIQ PlateSpin Migrate 12.x
NetIQ PlateSpin Protect 10.x, 11.x

Linux workload discovery


Linux workload discovery failed with error:

System.Exception: Failed: /tmp/ofx.03727e2e-7a6b-4d65-bfbc-228a82e09413/ -o /tmp/ofx.03727e2e-7a6b-4d65-bfbc-228a82e09413/machineinfo.xml.81651f65-22d8-4ac4-a698-a7cb3fd6b69b ---> System.Exception: Failed: /tmp/ofx.03727e2e-7a6b-4d65-bfbc-228a82e09413/ -o /tmp/ofx.03727e2e-7a6b-4d65-bfbc-228a82e09413/machineinfo.xml.81651f65-22d8-4ac4-a698-a7cb3fd6b69b Return-code: 1 Stdout: sudo: unable to execute /tmp/ofx.03727e2e-7a6b-4d65-bfbc-228a82e09413/ Permission denied Stderr: at PlateSpin.Athens.GetMachineInfoNameSpace.GetMachineInfoHelper.RunSSHCommand(SshTool sshTool, String command, String failedMessage) --- End of inner exception stack trace --- at 


Perform below steps to rectify the issue:

1. vi /etc/fstab
2. remove "noexec" on /tmp line, for example:

/dev/mapper/vg_root-lv_tmp /tmp ext4 defaults,nodev,nosuid,noexec

3. after "noexec" removed, save the file
4. remount /tmp: mount -o remount /tmp


The failure caused by /tmp set as no execution, thus no script can be run in /tmp.