How to: Clean up the OFX controller on Linux workloads

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  • 03-Oct-2016
  • 07-Oct-2016


Migrate 11.x, 12.x
Protect 11.x
Forge 11.x


Source server Linux  workloads occasionally needs a post-migration cleanup. 


Run the below commands to clean up the OFX controller and its files from a Linux source server:

pkill -9 ofxcontrolled

(optional) pkill -9 ofxjobexec

chkconfig ofxcontrollerd off

chkconfig ofxcontrollerd --del

In the source workload’s file system, remove the /usr/lib/ofx directory with its contents.

You may also delete the file /etc/init.d/ofxcontrollerd


The OFX controller of a Linux source workload does not get removed after an unsuccessful migration.