Add a Telephone number to Novell Messenger user properties, Additional Properties information

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  • 03-Oct-2016
  • 03-Oct-2016


Novell Messenger 2.2
Novell Messenger 3.0


How can I add a Telephone Number to my Messenger user properties information ?


You will notice, you may not have a user attribute of "Telephone Number" listed for your Novell Messenger users that would show under the Messenger client user properties, Additional Properties list box.  If you want this to show up then :

1.   I don't have a "Telephone Number" attribute available to choose from when in ConsoleOne, MessengerService, PolicyContainer, properties of DefaultPolicy, Policy tab, Information List.  The default "Selected Attributes" list normally in a new installation or existing installation does not contain the "telephone number", you normally must click on the "Add" button and then click on the "Available Attributes" button and select the telephone number form the "Available Attributes" scroll list.  HOWEVER, my list did NOT contain "telephone number" so what you need to do is :

    a.  In ConsoleOne, go to your main eDirectory ORGANIZATION container object, mine happens to be an O=novell.  In this container you should see an object called
"LDAP Group - <ServerName>".  Click on the properties of this object, Attributes Mappings tab.

    b.  In this tab you will see "LDAP Group Attribute Mappings" and in the left column - "NDS Attributes" and in the right column the corresponding "LDAP Attributes".  If you scroll down the left column, you may find as I did in my left column that there is NO "Telephone Number" attribute with it's corresponding LDAP Attribute that is visible.  That is why you don't see this user attribute under Messenger user properties.

    c.  To fix this issue, click on the "Add" button, scroll down the "NDS Attribute" down arrow list, until you find "Telephone Number", highlight it.  Now in the "Primary LDAP Attribute" list box, type - "TelephoneNumber"  , no quotes and NO SPACE (no spaces allowed in ldap attributes).  Click OK.

    d.  Now you will notice when you scroll down the "LDAP Group Attribute Mappings" list, at the bottom, you will have Telephone Number listed with it's corresponding LDAP attribute of "TelephoneNumber".  NOW CLICK on the APPLY button.  Click on CLOSE.

2.  Now back in ConsoleOne, MessengerService, PolicyContainer, properties of DefaultPolicy, Policy tab, Information List, CLICK on ADD, at this point, JUST TYPE - TelephoneNumber in the "Selected Attributes" list box and CLICK OK.  Telephone Number will now be  in your Selected Attributes list.  CLICK APPLY , then CLICK OK.

3.  In your Novell Messenger User objects in eDirectory, just make sure under the properties of the User objects, General tab, that there is a value for Telephone Number.

4.  Now you must restart the Novell Messenger agent to see the change, with "rcnovell-nmma stop", then "rcnovell-nmma start".  Now when you then LOGIN to a Novell

Messenger Client and if you go under the properties of a Messenger User (contact), in the Additional Properties list you will now see the telephone number attribute AND it's phone number value.

5.  You should be able to use the same procedure to add another type of "number", like Fax Number.