Imaging engine graphics is distorted when booting from bootcd/usb on high resolution devices (Surface Pro 4)

  • 7018097
  • 26-Sep-2016
  • 26-Sep-2016


Novell ZENworks Configuration Management 11.4 Imaging


When booting high resolution devices (for instance: Surface Pro 4, 1920x1600) using bootcd or USB, the screen graphics is distorted.



The following 3 options are available to overcome this problem:

1. Use PXE to image the managed device (problem doesn't happen if booting from PXE).
2. By passing the kernel parameter "video=efifb:width:1920,height:1600" manually when booting from bootcd or USB.
3. Boot the machine using bootcd or USB, and from another machine SSH into it (graphics would be fine from SSH).


Reported to Engineering