Oracle Client Library path is invalid ! Please check and try again.

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  • 22-Sep-2016
  • 05-Sep-2019


NetIQ Privileged Account Manager


Configuring Oracle Password Checkout
Administration Console | Hosts | <Manager> | packages | dbaudit | settings | Oracle Client Library path, after selecting Next, an error / dialog box appears:
Oracle Client Library path is invalid ! Please check and try again.


The server is reporting this as an invalid path because it is unable to verify that the file exists in the defined Oracle Client Library Path. Please update the path to where this file exists. Please refer to documentation and verify the symbolic link link is created for the file. See Enabling Password Checkout for Oracle Database.

Alternative Workaround:

If this error occurs when not needing to implement unixodbc with PAM (e.g. only needing to use Oracle), then the following steps can be taken to avoid this error:

  1. On PAM Manager server, create a placeholder file to satisfy the simple validation:
    touch /tmp/
    Note: Feel free to replace directory path '/tmp/' with what is desired.

  2. In PAM, configure the ODBC Library Path to use the above directory, '/tmp' in the dbaudit settings.


The file is missing from the Oracle Client Library Path.

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