Discovery Process Hangs At 1% On HP Servers with the Virtual Install Disk Enabled

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  • 21-Sep-2016
  • 22-Sep-2016


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When using the Take Control disk to discover a HP Gen9 server, the job fails at 1%. This occurs even if the proper SCSI controller drivers are injected. 


To resolve this verify in the BIOS of the HP server that the Virtual Install Disk is disabled. If it is not disable it and try the discovery again.


The failure of the discovery process is due to the HP Virtual Install Disk being enabled. Disabling the Virtual Install disk allows the discovery to complete.

Additional Information

When using the Take Control disk it is possible to verify the target's disk layout by running fdisk after the OFX controller is loaded. The HP Virtual Install disk shows up as a Windows 95 Fat32 partition.