GroupWise 2014 client slow when opening attachments

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  • 20-Sep-2016
  • 12-Dec-2016


Novell GroupWise 2014


Our client always downloads any larger mail attachment - must be stored as a BLOB file at a server site - via secured C/S connection despite on PO a C/S connection is set into insecure.

However - We seem to get a POA certificate via HTTP connection - that is a prompt in a client when opening any larger attachment.  If you disable secured HTTP connection on the same POA -> set it in Disabled, then no certificate prompt shows at a client site upon opening attachment. 

Many customers do block HTTP ports on their site. So if any end user tries to open a mail attachment, we always try a secured download .. which takes now longer time till a connection times-out and then we open the attachment.
The same like if you click on Cancel in a certificate prompt - then we open the attachment.


The fix for this issue is in the GroupWise 2014 R2 SP1 HP2 located here for Linux, here for Windows and here for the client

NOTE:  This fix does require both the server side and the client side be updated.


The cause for this is that the HTTP ports are blocked on the server.