iPrint printing with MacOS Sierra (version 10.12)

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  • 20-Sep-2016
  • 28-Oct-2016


Micro Focus iPrint Appliance
Micro Focus iPrint on Open Enterprise Server
iPrint Client for Macintosh


Issue 1:
Mac OS which has been upgraded to MacOS Sierra (version 10.12) is unable to install iPrint printers using Safari, returning the following message:
iPrint client is not installed. Do you want to install it?
Issue 2:
Fresh install of Mac OS Sierra (version 10.12) does not print.


Install updated novell-iprint-server and client
The ability to print from MacOS Sierra relies on updated server code and an updated iPrint Client for Mac.  These updates are included in the regular patch released on October 2016. These updates are available here:

iPrint Appliance 2.1 Patch 1

iPrint Appliance 2.0 Patch 3




OES2015 SP1

Issue 1 - Workaround:

If you do not want to install the updates, you can work around the install problem by using Chrome or Firefox.  However, this workaround is not valid for SSL enabled printers.