NSL always works with IE, only works occasionally with Chrome

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  • 19-Sep-2016
  • 19-Sep-2016


NetIQ SecureLogin
NSL 8.1.1
Configured for two very similar web sites


SecureLogin only sometimes enters credentials when connecting to SAP Portal application with Google Chrome.
SecureLogin enters credentials approximately once every 3 - 5 times the page is accessed in Chrome.
When SecureLogin fails it does nothing;  not even a “debug print” command at the top of the script is shown.
SecureLogin enters credentials every time when using IE.


Delete one of the two similar scripts so that they don't both get executed.
Delete the script for portal.whatever.com/irj/p  so that only the one for portal.whatever.com remained.


The customer had scripts for two similar web pages:
-  portal.whatever.com
-  portal.whatever.com/irj/p   

After credentials are entered for portal.whatever.com user is taken to portal.whatever.com/irj/p.

Additional Information

Troubleshooting Notes:

Added debugprint commands at the top of each script to verify which was running.  In debugView we saw only the text indicating portal.whatever.com/irj/p was running.  However, a SecureLogin  log file (ssodebug.txt) showed both scripts being executed:

T(09/15/1617:04:59) IESSO   T6792: CScriptRunner ready - parser commands added for portal.whatever.com/irj/portal


T(09/15/1617:05:43) IESSO   T4216: executing parser.ExecuteScript for portal.whatever.com

SSO Debug log showed that "CScriptRunner ready - parser commands added for portal.whatever.com" was always followed by "password IS NOT required for portal.whatever.com"