How to collect logs for a failed appliance registration

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  • 02-Sep-2016
  • 02-Sep-2016


NetIQ Change Guardian 4.x


What logs are needed when troubleshooting a failed appliance registration?
WebYast registration fails for the Change Guardian appliance.


Perform the following steps on the Change Guardian Server to create and then capture logs to provide back to Technical Support for review. 

1.)  Login to the Change Guardian Server command line as root. 
2.) Execute the following command to manually register the CG Appliance.  Ensure that you replace the xxxx in this command (before executing) with the correct license key and email address respectively. 
suse_register -a regcode-change-guardian=xxxxxxxxxxxx -a email=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx -L /tmp/register.txt
3.) Execute this command:    curl -v --trace-ascii /tmp/sutrace.txt
4.) Execute this command:    curl -v --trace-ascii /tmp/nutrace.txt
Note: The two --'s before the trace and trailing / is mandatory
5.) Provide the output from :    nslookup
6.) Collect the following files that have been created and provide them to Technical Support.


The Change Guardian Appliance requires an internet connection to be able to register and download information from NetIQ.  When registration fails through WebYast generally there is an issue with the Proxy server in the environment preventing the connection.  The requested information will assist in verifying where the registration process is failing.