MIME Encoding options missing from GroupWise client

  • 7018012
  • 02-Sep-2016
  • 27-Dec-2016


Novell GroupWise 2014


According to the 2014 documentation under 3.1.10 Selecting Send Options:

Changing the MIME Encoding for Email You Send Many languages require different character encodings to display certain characters properly. In GroupWise you can change the encoding for items that you send if this is necessary for the recipient to view the item correctly.

1) To change the MIME encoding for one item, open an item view, then click Send Options > General. or To change the MIME encoding for all items you send, click Tools > Options, double-click Send, then click the Send Options tab.

2) Select your MIME encoding from the MIME Encoding drop-down list.

3) Return to the item you are composing.
or Click OK, then click Close to save the setting for all items.
This info needs to be updated in our documentation. We have removed Mime encoding configuration option from a GroupWise client intentionally to use only UTF-8 as Internet standard.


Reported to engineering.