How to run the Change Guardian Administrative Report

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  • 02-Sep-2016
  • 12-Nov-2020


NetIQ Change Guardian 4.1
NetIQ Change Guardian 4.2
Change Guardian 5.0
Change Guardian 5.1
Change Guardian 5.2
Change Guardian 6.0


How to determine if assets are functioning correctly. 
How to check the status of Agents connectivity. 
Agent is not generating events as expected.
Active Directory events are not being generated per the created policies.
How to check if agents have any errors or connection issues. 
Where is the report that displays Asset Monitoring Failures?
How to verify if an agent is offline or is no longer active? 
How to query Change Guardian for Policies that have not been assigned?
How to capture a list of Assets by assigned policy?
How to query a list of assigned policies by asset?
Where can a list of Managed Assets be exported?
Is there a place to report on License utilization?


Change Guardian provides the ability to run a single report to display any system events generated by the Agent.  This report will display any missing Active Directory auditing per established policies.  The report will also show any connection errors or issues. 

To run the Change Guardian Administrative Report follow the instructions below: 
  1. Login to the Change Guardian Policy Editor. 
  2. Select the NetIQ Change Guardian node. 
  3. Select Administrative Reports. 
  4. On the bottom of the screen select the pull down menu with the following available reports.
  • Policies Not Assigned - Returns a list of defined policies that are currently not assigned to any policy set or asset.
  • Assets by Assigned Policy - Returns a list of assets ordered by the policies assigned to them. 
  • Assigned Policies by Asset -  Returns a list of policies ordered by the asset to which they are assigned.
  • Managed Assets - Returns a list of Assets that are currently being managed by Change Guardian.
  • Asset Monitoring Failures - Returns a list of failures or errors logged by Change Guardian for inadequate auditing or connection issues.  This is the most effective report when monitoring the health of Change Guardian agents and should be run frequently. 
  • License Utilization - This report contains the current number of licenses in use, sorted by module.  The report counts a license if a registered asset has policies applied to it.  
5. Once the desired report is selected then select the run button.
6. Some reports will display a Report Conditions window that will allow filtering of the report results. Once the    desired conditions are selected click on the Run Report button. 
7. The report results will display in the Policy Editor window with the save button displaying allowing the                  ability to export the results to the drive local to the Policy Editor. 


The Change Guardian agents and server track connection and error information as system events.  This information along with standard policy and asset information is available in the Administrative Report option within the Policy Editor.