Option to enable AirPrint greyed out

  • 7017962
  • 19-Aug-2016
  • 26-Aug-2016


iPrint Appliance 2.1


Some (or all) printers listed within the iPrint Appliance Management Console Printers page a grey dash icon in the AirPrint column.  This results in not being able to AirPrint enable the printer.


If the network printer make/model has AirPrint capabilities, turn the AirPrint option on.  Refer to the documentation provided by the manufacturer. In many instances, the option to turn that on can be found by entering the printer's IP address within the address URL of your browser.  From that web page, browse around until you find the option.


The iPrint Appliance queries (over port 631) each network printer when generating the list of printers on the "Printers" page within the iPrint Appliance Management Console.  If the network printer responds to query that AirPrint is an option, then the printer will have the ability to be AirPrint enabled from the iPrint Appliance.  If the network printer does not have that option, or that option is turned off, then the iPrint Appliance will not be able to turn that option on, resulting in the grey dash icon for that printer.

To review the list of printers which have been AirPrint certified with Apple, see this list: