iPrint Appliance 2.x Remote Renderer fails to remove

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  • 09-Aug-2016
  • 09-Aug-2016


Micro Focus iPrint Appliance 2.0 and 2.1


The Windows Remote Renderer configured to the iPrint Appliance version 2.0 or 2.1 won't remove from the "Renderers Configuration" page.
https://<iPrint Server Address>:9443/iprintconfig/renderers


  1. Manually remove the iPrint Windows Renderer configuration
    • At a terminal session to the iPrint server
      • mysql -uroot -proot iprint;
      • select * from renderers;
        • See what ID number shows under the column. For example, 1 is a likely ID
      • Syntax:
        • delete from renderers where renderer_id={renderer_id};
      • Example:
        • delete from renderers where renderer_id="1";
  2. Optional:  If you want to re-add the Windows renderer
    • Uninstall the iPrint Renderer software from the Windows workstation
      • This can be removed by going to the Windows Control Panel's remove program option.  You may need to shutdown the iPrint Renderer Service to uninstall it. 
        • Open a CMD Window in 'run as administrator' mode
          • iprntrendcmd -q
  • Install the iPrint Renderer software
    • Be sure to have the latest software which can be obtained from the "Renderers Configuration" page (upper right download button).
      • Configure the iPrint renderer
        • iprntrendcmd -c
    • Add the Windows Renderer using the "New" button on the "Renderers Configuration" page.

Additional Information

The iPrint Windows Renderer configuration is stored within the MySQL database of the iPrint Server.