Kanaka won't install on OES2015 SP1

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  • 08-Aug-2016
  • 08-Aug-2016


Novell Kanaka for Mac 2.7.3
Novell Kanaka for Mac 2.8.2
Novell Open Enterprise Server 2015 (OES 2015) Linux SP1


Given a fresh install of OES2015 SP1, neither Kanaka 2.7.3, nor 2.8.2 will install.  

Both give java dependency issues, as follows:

 # rpm -Uvh novell-kanaka-engine-2.7.3-9.x86_64.rpm
error: Failed dependencies:
        java-1_6_0-ibm is needed by novell-kanaka-engine-2.7.3-9.x86_64

# rpm -Uvh novell-kanaka-engine-2.8.2-5.x86_64.rpm
error: Failed dependencies:
        java-1_6_0-ibm is needed by novell-kanaka-engine-2.8.2-5.x86_64


This has been reported to engineering

Additional Information

OES2015 SP1 ships with Java 1.7 and Kanaka is looking for Java 1.6.  Java 1.6 is NOT included as part of the OES2015SP1 packages, and installing it from an older version of OES, or from a different location could break the functionality of other products, and is not supported.