Subdomain is not resolving if it is configured as a Forward zone AND this DNS server is authoritative for the Domain

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  • 03-Aug-2016
  • 04-Aug-2016


Novell Open Enterprise Server 11 (OES 11) Linux
Novell Open Enterprise Server 2015 (OES 2015) Linux


IF the OES DNS server is authoritative for a domain
AND it is also authoritative for a subdomain that was created as a Forward zone
THEN name resolve for anything in the subdomain results in an NXDOMAIN error.

The OES DNS server does not attempt a forward for any queries in that subdomain.

If the subdomain is instead for a different domain that this DNS server is not authoritative for then forwarding occurs as expected.

Example Config:

DNS1 - Primary - Forward to DNS2 - Forward to DNS2

DNS2 - Primary - Primary

Pointing at DNS1 all records resolve in
Pointing at DNS1 no records resolve in
 - Looking at a LAN trace there are no attempts to forward to DNS2 at all.
   - tcpdump -any -s0 host dns2 and port 53
Pointing at DNS1 all records resolve in because this one does forward as can be seen in the same LAN trace output.


Create the subdomain as a Secondary zone rather than a Forward zone.