Configuring SecureLogin Wizard for multiple similar sites

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  • 02-Aug-2016
  • 27-Sep-2016


NetIQ SecureLogin 
NSL 8.x


How to create one application definition for multiple similar webpages
How to have one app for serveral almost identical web sites
Editing SecureLogin script to fire on,, etc


Edit the Wizard to fit all similar pages.  This works if the login dialog is the same for all pages (i.e. username and password have the same control fields).  


1. Using the workstation "manage logins" utility select the application definition created by the SecureLogin Wizard 
2. Click the "edt wizard" button 
3. Select the "matching criteria" page
4. Click "use Wizard generated rules"
5. Edit the Wizard generated rule for the current form 
6. Uncheck "Domain"
7. Select "URL"
8. From the dropdown select "SecureLogin is to match specific part of the identified ctrl"
9. Edit the text to shorten the URL to the common elements and to add a regular expression for the wild card portion.  For example:

URL identified by the Wizard:

Modified URL that works for all similar sites:
Shorten url to end with
Change "site1" to ".*?"

Note that  .*?   is a regular expression for  the commonly used wildcard  "*"