Access Manager upgrade fails with ndsconfig return value = 57

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  • 28-Jul-2016
  • 28-Jul-2016


Access Manager 4.2.1


When upgrading the Access Manager console from any version to 4.2.1 , the upgrade proceeds with the messages:

Starting Administration Console upgrade...
Upgrading Tomcat configuration for Admin Console:
Upgrading Novell iManager:
Upgrading Novell Device Manager:
Upgrading the Novell Access Manager Configuration Store:

Seems there has been a Novell Access Manager Configuration Store upgrade error!  Please view the logfile at /tmp/novell_access_manager/upgrade_edir.log for more details.

Upon examination of the eDirectory upgrade log, the following error is shown:

Error in file:   (ERROR: /opt/novell/eDirectory/bin/ndsconfig return value = 57.)


Removing special characters from the Access Manager administrator password will prevent these errors.
Refer to the Access Manager docuementation.

Specify the administration password.

Use alphanumeric characters only.

NOTE:The Administration Console password does not accept special characters : (colon) and "” (double quotes).


The admin password included the double quote special character. Changing the admin password to not use special characters allowed the upgrade to proceed successfully