Change Guardian causing user account to get locked out

  • 7017876
  • 22-Jul-2016
  • 01-Sep-2016


NetIQ Change Guardian 4.2


User Account is getting locked out every day triggering locked out events. 
Account Lockout events show Change Guardian as the source.
Change Guardian is triggering user account lockouts.


Remove or replace the user account from any location within the product that authenticates on a frequent basis. The most common location is in the Policy Editor under Settings\Event Destination.  Select each event destination and review the specified account to ensure the provided information is accurate or replace the account with a new one. 
The other location where an account could be specified is in the Policy Editor under Settings\LDAP.  Replace or update the account specified in this area to ensure the credentials are accurate. 


The account specified was entered incorrectly or the password provided has been changed on the OS causing failed logins.