How to Check Image File Integrity When “The File Is Not in a Recognized Package Format” Errors Occur

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  • 01-Jul-2016
  • 07-Jul-2016


NetIQ PlateSpin Migrate 11.x


When transferring an image to a target, it fails with an error message stating, “The file is not a recognized package format”. To determine the cause of the error, the image file integrity should be validated.


Using the Plate Spin Image Browser Tool.

Use the following steps to view the contents of the image file. If the image is corrupt then attempting to view the contents of a disk or volume will produce the error  “The file is not a recognized package format” as seen in the diagnostic logs. 

1. To open the browser tool execute, ImageBrowser.exe found in the %ProgramFiles%/PlateSpin Image Server\ImageOperations.

        Figure 1. Opening the browser tool
2. Once open, select the image file that should be validated. By default the images are stored in a directory that contains the host name  under %ProgramFiles%\PlateSpin Image Server\.

        Figure 2. Opening the image file.
3. Click on each drive or volume to determine where the corruption is.  If the corrupted disk or volume is clicked, the error will appear.

        Figure 3. “File is not a recognized package format” error dialog
4. Once the corrupted disk or volume is determined, check the file system integrity on the source  and take steps to correct it.

5. Delete the existing image files. This may be done from the Migrate client.  Using these steps:
        a. Open the Migrate Client.
        b. Locate the Image Server.
        c. Click on the box next to the image server name to see the images.
        d. Right click on the corrupt image and select delete.