After patch installation, the setting does not get installed

  • 7017770
  • 23-Jun-2016
  • 28-Jun-2016


PlateSpin Migrate 11.x, 12.x

PlateSpin Protect 11.x

PlateSpin Forge 11.x


The installation of a patch succeeds but the settings do not get applied.

Remark: patches can be downloaded from .


Manually run the “configEditor.exe”:

1. Open a Command Prompt console (run “cmd”)

2. Browse to the “configEditor.exe” ”, located in the patch extraction folder -> “Executables” -> “config-editor” e.g.:  cd C:\PackageInstall\Executables\config-editor

3. Run the command

ConfigEditor /r [path_of_patch_installation_files]\JobXMLImport.xml
e.g.:  ConfigEditor /r C:\PackageInstall\JobXMLImport.xml

Re-attempt the patch installation

If the setting is still not applied, collect and provide the below elements to Technical Support:

-         - Output of the  the “configEditor.exe” manual installation (step 3 above)

-        -  Output of the patch installation

-         - Patch installation log, located at C:\PackageInstaller.log


The “ConfigEditor.exe” component may not run properly during the installation of a patch.

As a result, the setting does not get installed.