CA Certificate is :null - Remote management fails

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  • 21-Jun-2016
  • 10-Nov-2016


Novell ZENworks Configuration Management 11.4
Novell ZENworks Configuration Management 11.4 Authentication
Novell ZENworks Configuration Management 11.4 Remote Management


Remote Control devices in zone fails.
"Rights Authentication Failed.  An internal error occurred during authentication.
If the problem persist, contact Novell Technical Services.

This occurred after changing CA certificate from internal to external.
Remote Management fails to connect.


Re-initiated the change CA and fixed the zone.
Remote Management is working on all of the devices.

Warning: This resolution only pertains to this cause and logs presented.
There are many causes that will point to this symptom of with the prompt
"Rights Authentication Failed."


Per the logs in this case, the certificate on primary servers were not activated correctly.  
Further review of this cause, the logs indicate the re-mint system update was deleted before it was base-lined, which left the zone in inconsistent state.

Additional Information

Put workstation in debug mode
Checked Time-sync between devices.

Log indicators;
======= snip novell-zenworks-vncviewer.txt (workstation) ========
[ERROR] [05/06/2016 09:58:41.206] [7704] [nzrViewer] [3408] [] [Remote Management] [] [Initialization of encryption for the session failed. Unable to proceed.] [] [] [] [Management Console]

[ERROR] [05/06/2016 09:58:41.222] [7704] [nzrViewer] [3408] [] [Remote Management] [] [The managed device was unable to initialize Novell Encryption scheme for the session. Ensure that the managed device is UTC time synchronized with this system. You may also get this message if the Remote Management policy mandates SSL Client authentication and you have not provided a valid key pair while initiating the session. If the problem persists, contact Novell Technical Services.] [] [] [] [Management Console]

[INFO] [05/03/2016 10:43:24.000] [9348] [nzrWinVNCApp] [10600] [] [Remote Management] [RemoteManagement.RM_SERVER_CLIENT_MANY_CONN_INFO] [too many clients already connected] [] [] [] [ZENworks Agent]

=======snip zmd-messages.log (workstation) ========
[INFO] [05/03/2016 10:43:24.000] [9348] [nzrWinVNCApp] [10600] [] [Remote Management] [RemoteManagement.RM_SERVER_CLIENT_MANY_CONN_INFO] [too many clients already connected] [] [] [] [ZENworks Agent]

======= snip zcc.log ========
[DEBUG] [05/03/2016 10:43:21.467] [1268] [ZENServer] [84] [__z_1_141__] [ZCC] [] [Error retrieving the public key of the server. Generic Exception: java.lang.NullPointerException] [] [] [] [ZENServer]
[DEBUG] [05/03/2016 10:43:21.467] [1268] [ZENServer] [84] [__z_1_141__] [ZCC] [] [The CA certificate is :null] [] [] [] [ZENServer]