How to run two different GroupWise systems on a single server.

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  • 16-Jun-2016
  • 16-Jun-2016


Novell GroupWise 2014 / R2


There is a need to run two small GW systems on a single server.


This is example of how to run two domain MTAs from different GroupWise systems.
You can use install script t install first System1 with one domain DOM1. This will create:
1. In /etc/opt/novell/groupwise new gwha.conf file which will list DOM1 as instance to load.
2. In /opt/novell/groupwise/certificates a system GUID folder for the System1 with all certificates needed.
Prior you will install second system run:
rcgrpwise stop
to make sure all is stopped, i.e. also gwadminservice.
Rename present gwha.conf file into gwha.conf1.
Now run install again to create a System2 with a domain DOM2. When you configure new MTA for the DOM2, make sure that you use different ports than what was used for DOM1 from System1.
This install will create again new system GUID folder under /opt/novell/groupwise/certificates and also new gwha.conf file.
Stop now second System2 by
rcgrpwise stop
and make sure all components, gwadminservice included, are stopped.
Open new gwha.conf file and also gwha.conf1 file by a text editor.
Copy DOM1 section from gwha.conf1 into gwha.conf. Make sure that there is empty line between these two instances and also one at the bottom of the file.
Save the file and start systems by:
rcgrpwise start  
You will notice that gwadminservice is loaded and MTAs of DOM1 and DOM2.
Open web browser and you can hit first admin service port of DOM1 by:
and second one in a new tab by:
Now you can create a PO for each domain / system.
If you need to have GWIA for each system, then you need to configure adding secondary IP address to a NIC or add a second NIC to a server and use Bind Exclusively configuration on each MTA / POA / GWIA.