Delete and Regenerate All Indexes

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  • 15-Jun-2016
  • 05-Jul-2016


Novell GroupWise 2014


With versions of GroupWise up to and including version 2012, there was a Delete and Regenerate All Indexes option under the Action Options setting of the Quickfinder Index settings in the POA HTTP monitor.  This can be a very destructive, and performance drain, option when accidentally done on an entire post office.  For this reason, this option has been hidden in GroupWise 2014


The preferred method to delete and regenerate all indexes is to do a Structural Rebuild via either the Admin Console or the standalone version of GWCheck however there are times when this functionality is needed on a user by user basis.  The way to enable this option is to go into the Admin Console, open the POA HTTP Console, click on Configuration, click on Log Settings.  Change the log level to Diagnostic and click on Submit.  Now click on Configuration, click on Quickfinder Settings and the option to Delete and Regenerate All Indexes is available. 

NOTE: Please run this on a user by user basis, using the FID in the beginning and ending FID section.  DO NOT use this option on the entire post office.

REMINDER:  Be sure to go back and change the log level back to Verbose as leaving it in Diagnostic will create large POA log files.

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