SSPR Custom/Embedded Theme Configuration

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  • 15-Jun-2016
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SSPR 3.3


This is for those who wish to implement a custom or embedded theme configuration for SSPR. This TID provides additional details on what needs to be done in order to utilize these features.


Some initial understanding of this is required. It can be found in the SSPR documentation here:



There are several different options for using a custom theme.  All are accessed in SSPR Configuration Editor, Settings, User Interface, Look & Feel.

OPTION 1  - Available with SSPR 3 and 4, all installation methods.

1. Upload a zip of your .css  and graphics files using "Custom Resource Bundle."   The custom resource bundle should be a zip file consisting of the style.css and mobileStyle.css and graphics files with the directory structure /themes/ThemeName/<files>.

2. Manually edit ssprconfiguration.xml to set "Interface theme" to the name of the theme subdirectory (e.g. ThemeName).     To change the theme interface, download the configuration file,  change the value for the "interface.theme" setting key, save the file, and then upload it into SSPR.

OPTION 2 -  Available with SSPR 3 and 4, but NOT available with an SSPR 4 appliance installation.

1. Place the new style in a theme directory, for example:
a. ../tomcat/webapps/sspr/public/resources/themes/<mytheme>/style.css
2. In Configuration Manager:
a. Select “Custom” as the “Interface Theme” 
b. Add the relative path to your custom .css file.  This would be the directory path after the "sspr" directory, for example:
i. /public/resources/themes/mytheme/style.css


OPTION 3 -  Available with SSPR 3 and 4, all installation methods

  1. Set the "Interface theme"to "Embedded."
  2.  Click "Add Value" under the setting 'Embedded Style Sheet', 
  3. Paste the contents of the .css .  
  4. Repeat for "Mobile" stylesheet if you have them.  
With this approach your stylesheet becomes part of the ssprconfiguration.xml file.


Additional Information

NOTE 1:  
When copying in files with options 1 or 2, do not use the name "custom" as your file name or the name of your folder.  "Custom" is a reserved word in this case, and will not work.  In option 1, for example, uploading a custom resource bundle with the name of "" will appear to work, but the custom theme will not be applied.  

Also note that you can access any theme by appending it to the end of the sspr url, for example:

NOTE 2: 

Custom themes do not apply to the SSPR Configuration Manager or Configuration Editor pages.