Running out of PowerShell sessions with the Multi-Domain AD driver

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  • 10-Jun-2016
  • 10-Jun-2016


NetIQ Identity Manager 4.5
NetIQ Identity Manager Driver - Multi-Domain Active Directory


Customer has several different domains connected with the Multi-Domain Active Directory driver.  They are hitting a limit on the number of PowerShell connections of 30 (the default value).  This causes an error where the connections are refused and the driver does not run.


The driver establishes only a single WS Man Session for each of the domain. If the same account is being used across multiple domains then the number of sessions would not be more than the number of configured domains. If using Exchange you will see a second one listed but it is within the first session so still only one is used.
However, if that same account is being used to run other PowerShell sessions or if you are connecting to more that 30 domains, you will may hit the limit.
To see the number of sessions you can use the command
PS C:\> Get-PSSession -ComputerName localhost 
Refer to Microsoft documentation to increase the limit.
Here are some links, but always verify with current Microsoft articles.
This link explains how to change and see the current settings. See example 2
I you had older PowerShell on the server your limits and they did not increase you may have a limit of 5
This Microsoft article explains how to change the setting, but you must verify with current Microsoft articles.