Desktop client deletes synchronized files if it finds FAMT is down

  • 7017698
  • 09-Jun-2016
  • 14-Jun-2016


Novell Filr 2.0
Novell Filr 1.2


If the FAMT daemon on the Filr server crashes or becomes offline, the REST server may indicate to the Desktop client that Net Folders no longer exist which in turn causes the Desktop client to delete all previously synchronized (or offline) files.

The following error was observed in the filr.log file:

2016-05-16 21:29:48,944 [filesync-monitor] [WARNING] Exception: <class 'aca.excepts.InternalServerError'> (aca.excepts)
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "aca\onprem\filr_account.pyo", line 165, in RefreshPreSyncServerInfo
  File "aca\filesync2\watcher\server.pyo", line 1206, in UpdateNetFolders
  File "aca\onprem\filesync2.pyo", line 837, in ListNetFolders
  File "aca\onprem\filr_account.pyo", line 155, in ListNetFolders
  File "aca\onprem\restapi.pyo", line 633, in ListNetFolders
  File "aca\onprem\restapi.pyo", line 169, in MakeJSONRESTRequest
  File "aca\onprem\restapi.pyo", line 207, in MakeRESTRequest
InternalServerError: /net_folders: (500) I/O error on 'null': Connection refused


A fix for this issue is available in the Filr 2.0 Hot Patch 2 and Filr 1.2 Hot Patch 6, available via the Novell Patch Finder.