Install a DVA on Windows for a GW2014 R2 Linux Post Office - For DVA or POA stability

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  • 04-Jun-2016
  • 17-Aug-2016


Novell GroupWise 2014 R2
Novell GroupWise 2014 R2 HP1
Novell GroupWise 2014 R2 SP1


The GroupWise POA, running on Linux might be crashing or is running very slow, related to the DVA (Document Viewer Agent) proccesses running under it.


Note:  The purpose of configuring a GroupWise 2014 R2 DVA on a Windows 7 workstation is to stabilize a misbehaving or slow or problematic POA and DVA combination running under Linux. Some users may not have access to another Windows server, so a Windows 7 workstation is fine to use.  Until the source of these issues are resolved, this procedure can quickly stabilize your Post Office.  Be aware you do not have to install a DVA on Windows, it can also be a separate Linux box.  The general best practice recommendation is to run a DVA on a separate box from the Post Office server, as their are some conversion processes under the DVA that can be quite CPU intensive.  This would be best to avoid issues.

Note:  Example names are given for a GroupWise Domain, Post Office and DVA, substitute these names with your GroupWise domain, Post Office and DVA names.  You may want to perform these steps after hours to minimize GroupWise user impact.


  1. Have a fixed IP address for your windows 7 workstation that you will use for the DVA process, if possible login as "Administrator" on this pc.
  2. Download, if needed, your GW2014 R2 Windows FULL build from your Micro Focus customer care portal or  .  Be aware this http url will change in the future with newer builds, just get the latest shipping GroupWise 2014 R2 Full Windows client build.
  3. Decompress the resulting download in a directory of it's own on your Windows 7 workstation.
  4. Run setup.exe, in the Installation section, select "GroupWise Server", Click OK, NEXT, accept the license agreement with the check box and click NEXT, NEXT, INSTALL.  You don't have to check off "Launch GroupWise Administration console on reboot".  CLICK Finish.
  5. Exit the GroupWise installation program.
  6. Open a DOS prompt with "Run as administrator", if not logged in as this user) on the Windows 7 workstation, cd to : c:\Program Files\Novell\GroupWise Server\admin and execute the command "gwsc -i -dva" (no quotes) to install a windows dva service.  At this point the GroupWise DVA is not yet configured or started as a windows service yet.
  7. Start the GroupWise DVA service under windows by  clicking on Start, and in the Windows search list box type "services" , no quotes, and click on "services".  Click on the Standard tab at the bottom of the dialog, expand the Name colum, highlight the "GroupWise DVA" service and START it.
  8. On the Linux POA server in which you are creating this DVA for, edit the startup file of this agent, in your Post Office directory(GW2014 R2 normally stores it here), the file is called "<YourPostOfficeName>.poa".  Search for the string "--dva1ipadd" , no quotes, make sure there is NO semi-colon in front of this line, and after this switch put a space and then the ip address of your Windows 7 workstation that runs the GroupWise DVA service.  Also in this same startup file search for "--dva1port", no quotes, and make sure there is NO semi-colon and put a space after this switch on the port number of 8301 which is the default port for the DVA.  SAVE and replace the POA startup file you just edited and RESTART the POA.  You can restart the POA by going to the GroupWise Linux server terminal as "root" and typing the command "rcgrpwise status", if for example you have a Domain called "Utah" and a Post Office called "Provo".  You should see :

Checking status  [gwadminservice]                                                       running

Checking status [utah]                                                                             running

Checking status [provo.utah]                                                                 running

Checking status [dva.provo]                                                                   running

Checking status [gwia.utah]                                                                   running


9.  So now shut down the dva service on your GroupWise Linux box by issuing the command:

rcgrpwise stop dva.provo


10.  Since you will no longer run the DVA that currently runs on your Linux Post Office server, edit the gwha.conf file in the /etc/opt/novell/groupwise/ directory, but first make a COPY of this file to the name gwha.conf.BACKUP.  When you edit the gwha.conf file, remove the section that looks like this example with my Provo POA DVA :




startup=<path to your post office




NOW  SAVE and replace the gwha.conf file, so next time you restart GroupWise or the server, it will not load the dva service on this Linux box, it is running on the Windows 7 workstation you already configured.

11.  So now restart the Provo POA, issue the command :

rcgrpwise restart provo.utah


12.  If you look in the GroupWise 2014 R2 Web admin portal, "System", "Document Viewer Agent",  if you DO have a visible configured DVA, then note the NAME and EDIT it and verify and change the IP ADDRESS ( and port to 8301) to point to the Windows 7 box you installed you new DVA to.  Click OK, then CLOSE.  Also under the properties of the Post Office agent, "Document Viewer Agent" tab, make sure this same DVA name is listed under "DVA 1", If it is NOT listed there, then choose this DVA name from the drop down list and CLICK SAVE.

13. (Optional as needed) If you look in the GroupWise 2014 R2 Web admin portal, "System", "Document Viewer Agents",  if you DO NOT have a visible configured DVA, then click on NEW, give the DVA a name, does not matter what name you give it, like "myDVA", type the ip Address of the Windows 7 box and leave the port at the default 8301, CLICK OK.  Also under the properties of the Post Office agent, "Document Viewer Agent" tab, make sure this same DVA name is listed under "DVA 1", if it is not listed then choose it from the DVA1 drop down arrow.  CLICK SAVE.

We have had issues in the past with the auto launch of a default DVA with no "configured" DVA, so that is why we create one reference to it in the GroupWise Web admin console.

14.  It may be a good idea if you have to make some of these changes listed in the GroupWise Web admin console with regard to the DVA, to at this point restart the POA as discussed in step # 10 and # 13.  Remember do this step after hours to not affect your GroupWise users.

15.  If you have GroupWise Webaccess installed , you will want to configure it to use the new windows DVA , do this by going to your Linux server that has GroupWise Webaccess installed on and cd to :

/var/opt/novell/groupwise/webaccess/ and edit the webacc.cfg.

Search for "Provider.DVA.1" and make the necessary changes :



  SAVE and replace the previous version of this file now.

16.  Then you need to restart Tomcat on your SLES11 Linux box, with "rcnovell-tomcat6" if you are on OES11 or "rctomcat6 restart" if you are on SLES11 with no OES installed.



There are current issues related to the GroupWise DVA running under the Linux platform that have not been fully resolved yet, but are being looked at by GroupWise development.

Additional Information

Note:  This procedure should normally only be implemented when there is a confirmed GroupWise DVA problem running under the Post Office Agent on Linux, in which there is no other current solution.  It should be noted that you can install a GroupWise 2014 R2 DVA on a Windows 7 Workstation, it works fine, even though it is not a server class operating system.