Unable to remove Gateway Alias from Non-GroupWise users after upgrade to GroupWise 2014

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  • 03-Jun-2016
  • 03-Jun-2016


Novell GroupWise 2014
Novell GroupWise 2014 R2


In GroupWise 2012 and earlier, it was possible to assign a Gateway Alias to users who existed in External Non-GroupWise domains and post offices.  After upgrading to GroupWise 2014 or GroupWise 2014 R2, the option to add or remove Gateway Alias attributes are not available in the Administration User Interface.


The ability to remove the alias can still be accomplished by using ConsoleOne if it is still installed.  It is NOT recommended to modify other GroupWise objects with ConsoleOne after upgrading to GroupWise 2014.
The alias can also likely be removed using Administration REST API commands.  Documentation for such can be found here:


Reported to Engineering