CloudAccess Admin interface reports that different user with same name reported in Active User list

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  • 02-Jun-2016
  • 02-Jun-2016


NetIQ Cloud Access 2.2
NetIQ Cloud Access 2.3


There are 213 users that show up in the users  list yet we see that there are 247 active users reported. How does one find out why some users are not mapped from the user stores, to the Cloud Access local user store?


There are a few reasons for this, the most common of which is that duplicate users with the same info exist across the user stores eg. you have an neil under o=novell and another one under ou=users,o=novell on another LDAP server with the same emailaddress; or two different LDAP servers completely with the same user cn and email address. It may also be that a user is missing the required attributes that are needed for provisioning eg. email address

If you go to the Active users and click on the number, a new page will appear and give you the exact details eg. You can see that there’s a few reasons in here
- Diff user with same naming attribute from a diff source
- Diff user with same naming attribute