Error: Printer could not be located. iPrint Client - The given URL cannot be found

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  • 31-May-2016
  • 31-May-2016


Micro Focus iPrint


When installing an iPrint printer, the following error is returned:
Printer could not be located
iPrint Client - The given URL cannot be found
This problem occurs only with Internet Explorer and only with iPrint printers which have a space in the name. 


Workaround 1: Install the iPrint printer using FireFox, Chrome, iCM, or the command line tool: iprntcmd.
Workaround 2: Uninstall the iPrint Client and install a version older than 6.05.

Resolution: Micro Focus plans to release an updated server update (novell-iprint-server RPM) which will resolve this issue.  This TID will be updated when that update is available.