NPAM IDM Driver not working with custom authentication port

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  • 23-May-2016
  • 23-May-2016


NetIQ Privileged Account Manager
NetIQ Privileged User Manager


NPAM IDM Driver not working with custom or alternate authentication port in the Connection Information field of the Authentication tab during Driver Configuration.


When implementing the IDM driver for PAM, in the documentation section Creating the Driver in Designer, on the Authentication tab of the Driver Configuration, the Connection Information field reports to "Specify the IP address/DNS name of the PAM Server." IP/DNS-Port Syntax is supported in this field (i.e. "xx.xx.xx.xx:<port>" or "<DNS-Address>:<port>").

This issue of the provided alternative port not working during configuration has been reported to Engineering. A fix has been reported to have resolved the issue. At the time of writing this document, an official patch has not been publicly released. Please contact NTS for the developer patch to resolve this issue.


A bug was found to be resetting the user-defined port back to the default port of 443.

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