ZCM 11.4.x Agent does not see assigned System Update because it is not communicating with the ZEUS Server

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  • 20-May-2016
  • 06-Aug-2017


Novell ZENworks Configuration Management 11.4 System Update
ZENworks Configuration Management 2017 System Update


Starting with ZCM 11.4.x, the ZCM agent includes a new "ZENworks Agent Update Service" that is independent from the main ZCM agent to perform system updates.
This will allow the ZCM agent to receive ZCM updates even in the event the ZCM agent is broken.
However, if the ZENworks Agent Update Service is not properly functioning, it may not receive system updates even if the ZENworks Agent itself is healthy.
If the "ZENworks Updater Service Last Contact with Server" is old, it is a sign that for some reason this service is not functioning properly and the agent will not receive system updates.

ZENworks 2017 Update situation showed - zmd-messages.log on a satellite [CDP.CdpContentFileError] [Failed to replicate content]


Create the following registry entry to force the ZCM agent to use the legacy System Update mechanism:  HKLM\Software\Novell\ZCM:EnableTraditionalUpdate (Reg_SZ):True
Note: The ZeUS service is the most reliable system update mechanism and this key should only be used when the ZeUS service is not functioning on a particular device.
Root/Cause should be identified and fixed and ZeUS reenabled.


Two knows causes for the ZENworks Agent Update Service (ZEUS) to fail to function properly are:
#1 - Missing files in the %zenworks_home%\share\java folder due to Java Update Errors during system update. 
Manually copying the missing files from another PC should resolve the issue.
Note: ZCM Update 11.4.2 and later are expected to contain redundant methods for updating Java to minimize this possibility.
#2 - Multiple Matching certs exist in the Windows Trust Store and ZEUS may not use the correct cert.