Apache 403 Warning Error Reported in Nagios on a New Installation or Upgrade to OES 11 SP2

  • 7017618
  • 19-May-2016
  • 19-May-2016


Novell Open Enterprise Server 11 (OES 11) Linux Support Pack 2


You might see an Apache 403 Forbidden Warning error reported in Nagios after a new installation or
upgrade to OES 11 SP2.


To resolve the issue, you can try the following:
1 Log in to the server as the root user, open a terminal console, then navigate to the
     /etc/nagios/objects     directory.
2 In the localhost.cfg file, modify the check_command parameters in the section,
     “# Define a service to check HTTP on the local machine”:
At the command prompt, enter
define service {
     use local-service ; Name of service template to use
     host_name localhost
     service_description HTTP
     check_command check_http! -e 'HTTP/1.0 200','HTTP/1.1 200','HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden'
     notifications_enabled 0

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