During the Migration to a Physical server. The 2nd boot of target workload during Migration the target Blue Screens.

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  • 17-May-2016
  • 17-May-2016


Platespin Migrate 12.x


During a migration,  Windows 2008 R2 target VM fails to boot properly.  Errors seen include a 0x0000007B stop code (blue screen)

Correct drivers for the storage controller have been uploaded to the Migrate driver database.


1.      Create a notepad file add the number 1 inside the file and save 
2.      Rename the file to platespin.addtopnpsearchpath
3.      The drivers you downloaded copy this file to each driver directory 
4.      Remove the drivers from the Migrate Driver database and re-add them using the driver where the new file has been created
5.      Once uploaded If you can confirm that the file platespin.addtopnpsearchpath is inside the 1.package for each of the uploaded drivers 
6.      Go to C:\Program Files\Platespin Migrate Server\Packages and search for the Package id for your uploaded drivers
7.      Once confirmed rerun the Migration to the target workload 


After a device is attached, Windows first attempts to locate and install a driver in a trusted system context without user interaction, as follows:
    The best matching driver that already exists in the driver store is first installed onto the device, allowing the device to begin operation quickly.
 In parallel and in a different process, the following will happen: Windows automatically downloads matching driver packages from Windows Update.
 If a matching driver package is found, Windows downloads the package and stages it to the driver store. Windows also searches for driver packages that were preloaded in the locations that are specified by the DevicePath registry value.
This value is under the following subkey of the registry: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Window\CurrentVersion By default, the DevicePath value specifies the %SystemRoot%\INF directory. If a better matching driver package than was initially installed is found either on Windows Update or in a location that is specified by the DevicePath value,
 Windows first stages the driver package to the driver store before the driver is installed. In this way, Windows always installs drivers from the driver store."