Cannot Upgrade Standalone AutoSync Client from Version 6.0 to 6.1

  • 7017588
  • 06-May-2016
  • 06-May-2016


NetIQ Secure Configuration Manager 6.0
NetIQ Secure Configuration Manager 6.1


Upgrading the standalone AutoSync client 6.0 to version 6.1 fails. Though the installation completes when you run the installation setup program, the standalone AutoSync client does not upgrade to version 6.1.


Uninstall standalone AutoSync client 6.0 and perform a fresh installation of standalone AutoSync client 6.1. If you have configured any specific settings for your standalone AutoSync client 6.0, you must reconfigure those settings manually, using the AutoSync Configuration Utility.


The existing Autosync files are not overwritten by the latest version