Error when registering iSeries

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  • 05-May-2016
  • 06-May-2016


NetIQ Secure Configuration Manager 6.1


You cannot register iSeries agents with Secure Configuration Manager. Secure Configuration Manager displays the following error when you try to register an iSeries agent:

Failed to register agent: An I/O error occurred communicating with vssl://<IP address> 


Perform the following steps to enable Secure Configuration Manager to use SSL 3.0 for communication with agents:

  1. Go to the Advanced tab in the Core Configuration Utility.

    To access the Advanced tab in the Core Services Configuration Utility:

    1. Close the Core Services Configuration Utility if it is open.

    2. Go to the \NetIQ\Secure Configuration Manager\Core Services\bin folder and run theConfig.bat (in 32-bit computers) or the Configx64.bat (in 64-bit computers) file.

    This opens the Core Services Configuration Utility with the Advanced tab.

  2. Update the value of the network/protocols field to TLSv1,TLSv1.1,TLSv1.2,SSLv3.

    NOTE:This field is case-sensitive.

  3. Restart NetIQ Core Services.


This issue occurs because Secure Configuration Manager does not support SSL 3.0 by default, whereas iSeries uses SSL 3.0 for communication

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