Outbound emails generated by a rule are blocked by relay host

  • 7017573
  • 04-May-2016
  • 04-May-2016


Novell GroupWise 2014


Emails created by a GroupWise rule are blocked outbound
Message Status - Undeliverable email with 550 Administrative prohibition - envelope blocked
Outbound vacation rule email rejected by relay host


Instruct the internet agent to use the real user address in the Mail From: field instead of Mailer-Daemon.
There are two methods to enable this setting, please select one of the following options:
  • Method 1 : Edit gwia.cfg
    1. Open the gwia.cfg start up file with an editor
    2. Add the line --realmailfrom for Linux or /realmailfrom for Windows
    3. Save the gwia.cfg, and restart the GWIA
  • Method 2 : Enable in the GroupWise web admin
    1. Navigate to GWIA | SMTP/MIME | Address Handling | Outbound Settings 
    2. Enable Use GroupWise user address as Mail From: for rule generated messages
    3. Restart the GWIA


When GWIA sends a message triggered by a rule, the mail from: user is MAIL FROM <Mailer-Daemon@gwdmain.com>
Some relay hosts may block this user