Questions and Answers about SSPR macros

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  • 02-May-2016
  • 02-May-2016


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SSPR 3.3


Questions and Answers about using macros with SSPR


Q.   Is it possible to create additional macros besides those shown in the macro help reference, or are we limited to the macros listed?
A.   Macro's are built into the actual codebase.  It is not possible for an admin to add additional macros.  

Q. Is it possible to use macros in the “post actions?”
A.   Macros may be used in the “action” settings, as stated in the help text for each post action.  

Q. Is it possible to include multiple addresses in the “to” field in the email settings?  work?
A.   It's not possible in 3.3, but this is planned as a feature in the next major release.


Additional Information

The macro tester and help guide can be referenced from SSPR Configuration manager.