NetIQ Access Manager services installed on SLES12.1 do not start on reboot

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  • 28-Apr-2016
  • 28-Apr-2016


NetIQ Access Manager 4.2


  • SLES 12.1 has been installed with default partition suggestion (btrfs for root and XFS for home)

  • NetIQ Access Manager installed on SLES12.1 (e.g novell-ac, novell-jcc, novell-idp...)

  • none of the installed NetIQ Access Manager Service are getting started during thee boot process

  • starting any service after the boot process has been finished
    example: systemctl start novell-jcc

  • scripts are referenced by softlinks (example for just runnign a dedicated NIDP server on SELS 12.1)
    novell-idp -> /opt/novell/nam/idp/bin/novell-idp
    novell-jcc -> /opt/novell/devman/jcc/bin/novell-jcc

  • journalctl does no list any entries for the Access Manager init scripts

  • all scripts are enabled:
    chkconfig |grep novell
    novell-idp      on
    novell-jcc      on

  • problem does not come up on SLES 12.0


  • copy the init scripts referenced by softlinks directly into the "/etc/init.d" directory


    rm /etc/init.d/novell-idp /etc/init.d/novell-jcc
    cp /opt/novell/devman/jcc/bin/novell-jcc /etc/init.d/"
    cp /opt/novell/nam/idp/bin/novell-idp  /etc/init.d/

  • if this is a complete new installation and you do not really plan to run btrfs make sure you run the ext4 file system instead


The problem is with systemd not being able to launch any init scripts which are getting referenced with a softlink in case the root partition runs the btrfs file system.