Error: "Document failed to print" printing to a Microsoft IPP printer with the iPrint client installed

  • 7017512
  • 15-Apr-2016
  • 15-Apr-2016


Novell iPrint Client for Windows
Micro Focus iPrint Client for Windows


Unable to print to a Microsoft IPP printer with the iPrint client for Windows installed.  The iPrint client intercepts the print job and returns an error notification, "Document failed to print."


No known resolution other than to remove the iPrint client for Windows.


When a Microsoft IPP printer is installed without the iPrint client present, the printer port is configured as "Internet Port" and printing to the MS IPP printer is successful.  Once the iPrint client is installed, the port is changed to iPrint Server Port which causes the print job to fail as the iPrint client attempts to pass the job to an iPrint printer which fails as the MS IPP defined printer is not an iPrint printer.

Additional Information

The issue has been reported to engineering.